CoolWall Colors CoolWall Colors


Before COOLWALL® colors were introduced in the market, homeowners typically selected lighter colors for their ability to reflect much of the sun’s radiant energy back into the atmosphere. Today, more and more homeowners are choosing darker COOLWALL® colors because of their heat reflective properties and superior fade resistance. If you can’t find your perfect color, let us know and we’ll work with you to create your own custom color.

NOTE: The colors displayed in this modeling tool are likely to look different than they would on your house. The best way to see our colors is to request a free quote so that a member of our staff can show you the COOLWALL® colors in person.

Find your CoolWall® Color


Pink Hibiscus 4A-2P
Burgundy Dash 7A-1A
Santa Fe 14B-3D
Mineral Red 14B-4D
September Cream 17A-2P
Peach Dust 15A-3P
Peach Whisper 17A-3P
Candelabra 19A-3P
Orange Paste 18B-1P
Orange Drop 18B-3D
Mango 18C-3D
Lacquer Orange 18C-4D
Orange Gem 19B-2T
Tangerine 19B-3D
Patio Brick 20A-1A
Vanilla Ice 20A-2P
Honey Rose 20B-1P
Smoked Seville 20B-3D
Cattail 20B-4D
Vicuna 20C-1P
Abigail 27C-1T
Golden Corn 27C-2T
Clarion 27C-3D
Aureole 28A-3P
Golden Blond 27A-3P
Yellow Buff 27B-1P
Golden Haze 28C-3T
Peaceful 30A-2P
Queen Anne's Lace 31A-3P
Whipped Cream 33A-2P
Mellow Yellow 33B-1P
Sprout 33B-2T
Polished Brass 33C-4D
Absinthe 42A-2P
Leaf Scent 40A-2P
Honeycomb 33B-3T
Touch-O-Lime 42A-3P
Carolina Green 42C-2T
Green Aspen 42C-3D
Crystal Green 43C-1P
Monterey Green 43C-2T
Willowbrook 44B-1P
Glacial Green 53A-3P
Moss Green 43C-3D
Pea Pod 44C-3D
Polo Green 44C-4D
Ceramic Jade 45C-3D
Tabor Hill 46C-1P
Jamaican Mist 54A-WP
Porcelain Green 54C-2T
Jester 54C-4D
Sunlit Sea 55C-1P
Sea Vista 56C-2T
Gemstone 56C-4D
Calm Sky 57A-2P
Azurean 56B-2T
Huron Foam 57A-3P
Bahama Sea 57B-3D
Blue Frost 57C-1P
Indian Turquoise 57C-3D
Airland Blue 57C-3D
Icy Haze 58A-2P
Teton Blue 58B-2T
Tiara Turquoise 58D-3D
Tahiti Blue 58C-2T
Danube 58C-3D
Catalina 58C-4D
Tropical Sky 59B-1P
Lake Placid 59B-2T
Mediterranean 59B-3D
Unicorn Blue 59B-4D
Blue Mood 59C-3D
Airy 67A-2P
Blue Chiffon 67A-3P
Sistine Blue 66B-1P
Bobby Blue 66B-2T
Marseilles Blue 66B-3D
Polar Moon 66C-1P
Lovebird Blue 67B-1P
Grotto Blue 67B-3D
Spectrum Blue 67B-4D
Blueprint 67C-4D
Blue Fury 68A-1A
Johnny Blue 68A-3P
Little Boy Blue 68B-2T
Sterling Blue 68D-3D
Colonel's Lady 68C-2T
Frosty Violet 70A-2P
Lively Lavender 70A-3P
Blue Lotus 69B-1P
Blue Suede 69C-3D
Evening Haze 71A-3P


Old Hickory 8A-1A
Mauve Mist 8A-3P
Mission Rose 8B-1P
Fading Rose 8B-2T
Coral Brown 8C-2T
Chocolate Mousse 8C-3D
Ginger Brown 8C-4D
Dune Beige 9A-2P
Spice Beige 9A-3P
Cinnaswirl 9B-1P
Roanoke Red10A-1A
Dusty Coral 10A-3P
Red Java 10B-3D
Young Doe 10C-1P
Brown Rose 10C-2T
Carnelian 11A-1A
Country May 11B-1P
Bread Pudding 11B-2T
Branch Bough 11B-3D
Light Earth 11B-4D
Tan Wisp 11C-1P
Clove Dust 11C-2T
Spicecake 11C-3D
Sable Brush 11C-4D
Mauve Blush 12A-3P
Indian Tan 12C-2T
Mayfair Tan 12C-3D
Rich Earth 12C-4D
Cumberland 13A-1A
Ermine White 13A-2P
Alabaster 13A-3P
Mortar Gray 13B-1P
Dauphin Gray 13B-2T
Great Smokies 13B-3D
Weathered Gray 13C-3D
Slate Gray 13C-4D
Bronco Brown 21A-1A
Fair Complexion 21A-2P
Tinge of Peach 12A-3P
Irish Cream 21B-1P
Cherokee Tan 21B-3D
India 21B-4D
Iced Coffee 21C-3D
Really Rust 22A-1A
October Haze 22A-3P
Evening Sun 22B-2T
Buckeye 22B-3D
Petal Peach 22C-1P
Bright Sienna 22C-4D
Pecan Pie 23A-1A
Toasted Macaroon 23A-3P
Light Apricot 23B-1P
Tangelo 23B-3D
Rich Chocolate 24A-1A
Flax 24A-3P
Sahara Sand 24B-2T
Harvest Tan 24B-3D
Cocoa Mix 24B-4D
Cocoa Bean 24C-3D
Fudge 24C-4D
Chocolate Chip 25A-1A
Antique Ivory 25A-3P
Malibu Sand 25B-2T
Franciscan Robe 25B-3D
Tulip Wood 25B-4D
Cocoa Parfait 25C-1P
Brushwood 25C-4D
Cafe Noir 26A-1A
Your Shadow 26A-3P
Autumn Brown 26B-2T
Cocotone 26B-3D
Silver Velvet 26C-1P
Ranch Mink 26C-4D
Dutch Cream 34A-2P
Rice Puff 34B-1P
Tropic Tan 34B-2T
Cocoon 34B-3D
Oak Brown 34B-4D
Tea N Cream 34C-1P
Grenadier Gold 34C-3D
Hollandia 34C-4D
Beech Tree 35A-1A
Ivory Vapor 35A-2P
Bleached Sand 35A-3P
Biscuit 35B-1P
Lowell 35B-2T
Boca Raton 35C-3D
Deep Amber 36A-1A
Moondance 36A-3P
Cleo 48A-2P
Cane 36B-1T
Harvest 36B-2D
Applewood 36C-2T
Saddlebag 37A-1A
Ivory Tusk 37A-2P
Infinity 37B-1P
Old Parchment 37C-1P
Kitty Hawk 37C-2T
Antique Brass 37C-4A
Stratum Rock 38A-1A
Bone 38A-3P
Sand Dollar 38B-1P
Buff 38B-2T
Temple Gold 38B-3D
Tiber Gold 38D-4D
Bavarian Brown 38C-4D
Igloo 39A-3P
Deep Twilight 39B-3D
Pepper 39B-4D
Sequoia 39C-1P
Catfish 39C-3D
Oyster Gray 39C-4D
Pearly Gates 47A-2P
Plantation White 47A-3P
Riviera Sand 47C-2T
Dodge City Tan 47C-3D
Japan Tan 48B-2T
Antique Linen 48C-1P
Olive Wood 48C-2T
Pepper Tree 48C-3D
Primeval 49B-2T
Russet Pear 49B-3D
Date Palm 49B-4D
Glendive 49C-4D
Scallion 50B-3D
Dusty Dawn 50C-1P
Romaine 50C-2T
Alphalpha 50C-3D
Ripe Avocado 51A-1A
Winter Park 51A-2P
Honeydew 51B-1P
Twig Green 51B-3D
Lettuce Green 51B-4D
Hollyhock 51C-4D
Airway 52B-1P
Flint Ridge 52B-3D
Gun Metal 52B-4D
New Wave Gray 52C-1P
Grenada 60A-1A
Green Bay 60B-1P
Green Pearl 60B-2T
Green Drift 60B-3D
Smoke Green 60C-1P
Veridian 60C-4D
Nocturnal Sea 61A-1A
Winter Whisper 61A-2P
Bayou Mist 61A-3P
Alaska Jade 61B-2T
Waterway 61C-1P
Bayou Waters 61C-3D
Briny Deep 61C-4D
Silver Snow 62A-2P
London Dawn 74A-2P
Oxford Cloth 63A-3P
Duchess Blue 62B-1P
Alaskan Blue 62B-2T
Blue Vein 62B-3D
Dutch Blue 62C-3D
Castle Keep 62C-4D
Tyrol Blue 63B-1P
Aspiration 63B-2T
Portland Blue 63B-3D
Fiord Blue 63B-4D
Snow Glow 63C-1P
Blue Earth 63C-2T
Dark Sea 63C-4D
Cypress Blue 64A-1A
Blue Ice 64A-2P
Blue Goddess 64B-1P
Blue Eyes 64B-2T
Florentine Blue 64B-4D
Historic Blue 64C-3D
Blue Manor 64C-4D
Penguin 65B-2T
Bright Steel 65C-1P
Peking 65C-4D
Echo 74A-3P
Pale Cadet 73B-2T
Copenhagen 73B-3D
Beethoven Blue 73B-4D
Heavenly Gray 73C-1P
Gray Duck 73C-2T
Alpine 73C-3D
Delphinium 74B-1P
Pottery Blue 74B-3D
La Triviata 74B-4D
Night Fall 74C-3D
Contralto 77A-2P
Adriatic Haze 75A-3P
Delta Water 75B-2T
Blue Shadow 75B-4D
Midsummer 75C-1P
Napoleon 75C-3D
Bristol Blue 75C-4A
Bleu Celeste 76B-1P
Lavender and Lace 77A-3P
French Blue 76C-2T
Purple Ribbon 76C-3D
Blue Glow 73A-3P
Sterling 78A-3P
Mirage Lake 65A-3P
November Sky 78B-1P
Confederate Blue 78B-3D
Indigo Velvet 78B-4D
Silver Spur 78C-2T
Gray Tweed 79C-3D
Dark Shadow 78C-4D